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SOMOHA 2 Retractor

SOMOHA 2 retractor is an automatic soft tissue retractor made of elastic sheet steel. This sheet has tabs at one working end into which the other end could be insert to create a ring that spreads radially.

SOMOHA 2 Retractor2024-07-12T11:03:10+02:00

CERAMO gauge for effective height

CERAMO gauges for effective height are gauges for determining the effective height of aortic valve cusps. In contrast to the gauges with article no. MSS-1V, -2V and -3V, which are intended for the same purpose, these gauges are not variably adjustable and have only one fixed reference value. Appropriate, several of there gauges are required. The gauges are available in heights from 5 to 12 mm in 1mm intervals.

CERAMO gauge for effective height2024-07-12T11:02:43+02:00

Somoha Retractor

Somoho retractor is a retractor for visualization of the aortic valve during aortic valve replacement and reconstruction. The Somoha retractor is self-distracting due to the tongue mechanism and is especially suitable for minimally invasive procedures. The Somoha retractor is available in three sizes and so can be used for lumens from 19 to 25 mm.

Somoha Retractor2024-07-12T10:56:56+02:00

TREEDE Maxposition Blade

TREEDE Maxposition Blade - Gradually extendable retractor blade for the expo-sure of organs and tissue structures in minimally invasive interventions.

TREEDE Maxposition Blade2024-07-12T10:56:18+02:00
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