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CEBOTARI universal sternal retractor

CEBOTARI universal sternal retractor for total and partial sternotomy, IMA and transseptal MV exposure with minimized risk of sternal fracture and tissue damage.

CEBOTARI universal sternal retractor2023-05-07T14:19:56+02:00

MICS MV SUPERFLEX atrial retractor

MICS MV SUPERFLEX atrial retractor is a self-expanding conic retractor in several dimensions, angle adjustable with shape memory material which completely shows the atrium and the mitral valve and prevents the ingress of soft tissue into the situ.

MICS MV SUPERFLEX atrial retractor2023-05-07T14:54:33+02:00

MI TLIF multi-functional retractor

MI TLIF multi-functional retractor for minimally invasive transmuscular approaches – simultaneous soft tissue/muscle retraction and vertebral body distraction. Stable mounting on screws – therefore, no shifting/readjusting is necessary. Precise and tissue-conserving TLIF access (facet joint) without space requirement for an additional retractor.

MI TLIF multi-functional retractor2023-05-07T14:47:00+02:00
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